Three Steps Towards Empowerment


Go to Zimba's website and download the management software that is specific to your financial institution to become a Zimba partner.


No more rummaging through 6 inch binders! We will send a Zimba teammate to your financial institution to teach you how to use our software and assist with the transfer of records from your file cabinets or from previous software.


Qualify to apply for super competitive unsecured loans from Zimba. Our platform will also enable you to refine lending practices, track loans more efficiently, improve collections, expedite underwriting, and reduce manhours through our automated cloud-based solutions.

Zimba Established SME Loans

  1. 1Create an Account Download the Zimba app or go to our website and enter your name, email and telephone number for the account.
  2. 2Upload Documents We require documentation such as proof of ID, business registration, TIN, licenses, rent agreement, repayment history, proof of permanent residence, and proof of revenue to determine qualification.
  3. 3Add GuarantorIf you do not own land then you must have a guarantor with proof of property ownership.
  4. 4Receive MoneyReceive your loan in less than 24 hours via your mobile money wallet or bank account.
  5. Don't Qualify?If you do not qualify for a direct loan through Zimba, don't worry! Join a Zimba approved financial institution in your area and apply through them. Questions? Click Here
Zimba Product Features
Platform Features
Integrated Accounting

Track expenses, generate balance sheets, income statements, etc. Save money on an accountant with our software.
Savings and Loans

Track and expedite your savings and loans process using our flexible modules.
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Cloud Based

Access our platform at anytime from anywhere. Protect yourself, your clients, and your data.

Access many different financial reports so you can track your progress at any time.
Mobile Money & Bank Integrated

Save time and money by sending and receiving money to and from clients via mobile money or bank accounts.

Machine Learning Capabilities

Our data allows us to provide you with automated recommendations to assist you with decision making.
Loan Features
Collateral Free

Have access to loans without having to give up your capital, land title, car, or television.

Apply from anywhere. If you have any issues, contact us or visit our office.

Whether you are financial institution or SME, our terms are competitive with the market. We seek to help not exploit.
Education Features
Zimba University

We offer free classes to help you learn proper practices for your financial institution or SME.
Growth Focused

Our data allows us to inform you of your financial institution's areas of weakness so you can improve.

We provide the tools you need for your institution to be compliant with the law.

About Us

  • Our Story 1Zimba’s founders were fed up with the lack of quality financial and technical solutions available to financial institutions and businesses in Africa. We focus on empowering local financial institutions such as Savings and Credit Co-operatives (SACCOs), Savings Groups, and Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) through our proprietary software and financial products; so they can better serve the community. We also provide fast and affordable loans to established SMEs; so they can continue to grow and strengthen the economy.

    We believe local financial institutions understand the community they operate in better than most because of their proximity, knowledge, and shared cultural values. However, local financial institutions face three main challenges: lack of access to adequate capital, technology, and business education. Our proprietary loan management software enables financial institutions to digitalize and modernize their operations. This allows them to qualify for our affordable collateral free loans and provides us with valuable data to best educate them on their pain points.  
  • Our Vision1Our objective is twofold: for every business to have access to credit and for financial institutions to have access to a one stop shop to success.
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